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TransMall is Africa’s number one online instant shopping and delivery platform. We give you the opportunity to shop hyperlocal by ordering from your favorite stores, both retail and wholesale while also enjoying an all-in-one shopping experience. TransMall is here to make your shopping enjoyable!
Our shop-on-the-go option allows you to avoid heavy queues at the stores by shopping from anywhere and picking readily packaged items in case you don’t need delivery at your doorstep. With TransMall, you will always appreciate the sweetness of affordable shopping with the surety that you get quality items.

TransMall is constantly working to innovate new ways to make your shopping life more effortless. Among these are live shopping using Virtual Reality gadgets, customized Robot deliveries, and customized Drone deliveries. With the new TransMall App, your shopping couldn’t be any easier and relaxing. It comes with millions of cash rewards, coupon discounts, dedicated customer care services, and tracking your order feature. Join us today and enjoy shopping at the convenience of your smartphone, anywhere, anytime.
We are committed to your giving you the shopping experience of your dreams.
TransMall listens keenly, speaks candidly, and treats you with respect. As Africa’s leading online shop, we benchmark ourselves and our teams against the best to offer you an out-of-this-world shopping experience. Indeed, we’re the real Amazon of Africa by Africans for the world.

What we do for you?

At Transmall We value and insist on Quality, Electronics will serve you better for longer. Standards are our first choice

Our Customer care services are just out of this world, we care for you and what you need. We always help you out no matter what

Buy our products any time anywhere and they will be delivered anywhere you are on time, with no delays and no excuses

We bring you the best, all you need to do is search or ask for it

How long does it take to deliver? —- Maximum of 3 days minimum of 3 hrs

Are just Dope!

Hour Of Operation



If you’re interested in employment opportunities at Transmall, please Contact Us

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